Just a Neat Game Library

An easy to use C++/Python game library for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android!

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  • Modern C++11 style
  • zlib License, so suitable for commercial use and static linking
  • Full OpenGL accelerated
  • PNG, JPEG, BMP and WebP Image support
  • Ogg Vorbis Audio support
  • UTF-8 text output using FreeType

JNGL is used by the following games:

    A simple Tetris clone
  • Somyeol2d
    Platformer created for the Global Game Jam 2011
  • Tudi
    Platformer created for a 10 days coding competition
#include <jngl.hpp>

struct HelloWorld : public jngl::Work {
    void draw() const override {
    jngl::Text text("Hello World!");

int main() {
    jngl::setWork(new HelloWorld);