Deprecated List
Member FrameBuffer::clear ()
use jngl::FrameBuffer::Context::clear(Color) instead
Member jngl::getConfigPath ()
Use jngl::writeConfig and jngl::readConfig instead.
Member jngl::getFPS ()
Not really intuitive or robust, use your own calculations instead
Member jngl::getMouseX ()
Use jngl::getMousePos() instead
Member jngl::getMouseY ()
Use jngl::getMousePos() instead
Member jngl::setBackgroundColor (unsigned char red, unsigned char green, unsigned char blue)
Use setBackgroundColor(jngl::Color) instead.
Member jngl::setWork (Work *)
Use setWork(std::shared_ptr<Work>) instead
Member jngl::sleep (int milliseconds)
Use std::this_thread::sleep_for instead
Member Sprite::drawClipped (float xstart, float xend, float ystart, float yend) const
Use new drawClipped(Vec2, Vec2) method instead
Member Sprite::drawScaled (float xfactor, float yfactor, const ShaderProgram *shaderProgram=nullptr) const
Scale the modelview matrix instead using jngl::Mat3::scale