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Text Class Reference

Rectangle shaped text block. More...

#include <jngl/text.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Text (const std::string &text="")
 Constructor, text may contain \n newlines.
void setText (const std::string &)
 The text to display (may contain \n newlines)
void setFont (Font &)
 Font family.
void setAlign (Alignment)
 Alignment of this text block.
void step () override
 Does nothing.
void draw () const override
 Simply draws the Text object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Drawable
 Drawable (const Drawable &)=default
Drawableoperator= (const Drawable &)=default
 Drawable (Drawable &&)=default
Drawableoperator= (Drawable &&)=default
virtual void setPos (double x, double y)
jngl::Vec2 getCenter () const
virtual void setCenter (double x, double y)
template<class Vect >
void setCenter (Vect c)
double getLeft () const
 Returns the distance from the left side of the screen.
void setLeft (double x)
double getTop () const
 Returns the distance from the top of the screen.
void setTop (double y)
double getRight () const
 Returns the distance from the right side of the screen.
void setRight (double x)
double getBottom () const
 Returns the distance from the bottom of the screen.
void setBottom (double y)
double getX () const
void setX (double)
double getY () const
void setY (double)
Vec2 getSize () const
 Returns {width, height} in screen coordinates.
float getWidth () const
 Returns the width in screen coordinates.
float getHeight () const
 Returns the height in screen coordinates.
void drawBoundingBox () const
bool contains (jngl::Vec2 point) const
 Returns whether point is inside the bounding box.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Drawable
Vec2 position
float width = 0
float height = 0

Detailed Description

Rectangle shaped text block.

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