Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NjnglJNGL's main namespace
 CAppThere can only be one instance of this class which will be created before the window is shown
 CAppParametersParameters used to initialize the main window
 CColorObject representing a RGB color
 CContainerHelper class to handle multiple instances of Widget
 CControllerObject representing one Gamepad controller
 CDrawableBase class for drawable objects with a position and a rectangle size
 CFinallyHelper class which calls a function when being destroyed
 CFontFont loaded from a TTF or OTF file
 CFrameBufferImage framebuffer object which can be rendered on
 CContextLifetime object when the FrameBuffer is in use
 CImageDataContaining the pixel data of an image file
 CJobBackground job which stays part of the main loop independent of the active jngl::Work
 CLabelSimple Widget displaying a line of text
 CMat33x3 matrix
 CMat44x4 matrix
 CPixelsScale-dependent pixels, corresponds to actual pixels on the screen
 CScaleablePixelsScale-independent pixels, see jngl::getScaleFactor()
 CShaderFragment or vertex GLSL shader
 CShaderProgramLinked vertex and fragment shaders
 CContextLifetime object when the ShaderProgram is in use
 CSoundFileSound loaded from an OGG file
 CSpriteHigher-level representation of an image
 CTextRectangle shaped text block
 CTextLineRectangle shaped text (in contrast to jngl::Text this only represents one line)
 CVec2Two-dimensional vector
 CVertexPosition and texture coordinates
 CVideoOgg Theory video file
 CWorkActive state of the game, e.g. a menu or the game itself