Easy to use cross-platform 2D game library
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jngl Directory Reference


file  Achievement.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Achievement class.
file  AppParameters.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::AppParameters struct.
file  Color.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Color class.
file  Container.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Container class.
file  Controller.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Controller class.
file  debug.hpp [code]
 Logging functions for debug purposes.
file  Drawable.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Drawable class.
file  effects.hpp [code]
 Effects that can be applied to jngl::Widget.
file  Finally.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Finally class.
file  font.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Font class and related functions.
file  FrameBuffer.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::FrameBuffer class.
file  ImageData.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::ImageData class.
file  init.hpp [code]
 Include this file only once, as it defines the main function.
file  input.hpp [code]
 Input related functions.
file  job.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Job class and related functions.
file  Label.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Label class.
file  main.hpp [code]
 Defines macros for the main entry point.
file  Mat3.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Mat3 class.
file  Mat4.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Mat4 class.
file  matrix.hpp [code]
 Functions related to the global ModelView matrix.
file  message.hpp [code]
file  other.hpp [code]
 Miscellaneous functions.
file  Pixels.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Pixels class.
file  ScaleablePixels.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::ScaleablePixels class.
file  screen.hpp [code]
file  Shader.hpp [code]
file  ShaderProgram.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::ShaderProgram class.
file  shapes.hpp [code]
 Functions for drawing shapes.
file  Singleton.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Singleton base class.
file  sound.hpp [code]
 Sound related functions.
file  SoundFile.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::SoundFile class.
file  sprite.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Sprite class and related functions.
file  text.hpp [code]
file  TextLine.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::TextLine class.
file  time.hpp [code]
 Timing functions.
file  Vec2.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Vec2 class.
file  Vertex.hpp [code]
file  Video.hpp [code]
file  Widget.hpp [code]
 Contains jngl::Container class.
file  window.hpp [code]
 Functions related to the main window.
file  work.hpp [code]