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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 all.hppIncludes all JNGL headers except for init.hpp
 Drawable.hppContains jngl::Drawable class
 font.hppContains jngl::Font class and related functions
 framebuffer.hppContains jngl::FrameBuffer class
 init.hppInclude this file only once, as it defines the main function
 input.hppInput related functions
 job.hppContains jngl::Job class and related functions
 matrix.hppFunctions related to the global ModelView matrix
 ShaderProgram.hppContains jngl::ShaderProgram class
 shapes.hppFunctions for drawing shapes
 sound.hppSound related functions
 SoundFile.hppContains jngl::SoundFile class
 sprite.hppContains jngl::Sprite class and related functions
 TextLine.hppContains jngl::TextLine class
 time.hppTiming functions
 window.hppFunctions related to the main window
 jngl.hppIncludes jngl/all.hpp